Frequently asked questions

Do you sell alcohol?

Everyone has been gifted alcohol at least once. At Hatch Ideas we’re about handcrafted and handpicked gifts that your customers can’t find anywhere else. If alcohol is an essential part of your gift (say you’re a wine business) then please give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Are there minimum orders?

We are more about building relationships than imposing minimums. That said, Hatch is a corporate gifting service, not a hamper company so in general people are coming to us for bulk orders, that are designed to convey a specific message to the recipient. We work with small batch producers, who don't use preservatives, so we don't hold a lot of stock. For this Christmas, any of the gifts on the online store will be in minimums of five.

Do you create gifts for any budget?

We can tailor gift packages to suit most budgets. Customised packs start at $75. For high volumes, we can accommodate smaller budgets. If you’d like to customise a gift hamper to suit your budget, give us a call.

Do you deliver? Do you deliver interstate?

The price of our gift hampers includes free bulk delivery to one address, within 15km of Melbourne CBD. For interstate, or delivery outside the free delivery zone, please contact us for a quote.

Are they all Australian made products?

95% of our products are Australian made. For us to use products made overseas, they must meet the following criteria: they must come from local businesses that provide ethical and fair working conditions in the country of manufacture, or an equivalent product if not made in Australia.

Can I swap things out?

Yes, within reason. For the gifts pictured on the website, we are happy to swap an item if you want to replace a maximum of one product for another because, for example, someone is gluten free and can’t eat the contents of the hamper. Products swapped in will be of equal or lesser value than the one pictured. We are not a pick and mix service, so if you want that level of selection, we need to chat about customising your gift and can provide a quote after our initial chat.

Do you sell flowers?

We don’t. But we do have a list of preferred florists we can recommend in major Australian cities.

Can we have branded ribbon?

Absolutely. We have a fantastic ribbon supplier and are happy to speak with you about your needs. Branded ribbons come at additional cost and must be paid for up front.

How quickly can you deliver?

It really depends on products selected and volumes. For larger volumes, or customised packs, we can usually turnaround within a week to ten days, depending on the nature of the products ordered. As most of our products are handmade, we are reliant on availability from our suppliers.

Do you have a same or next day service?

It depends on whether or not we have the stock on hand. If you are happy to be a bit flexible with inclusions, we aim to deliver as quickly as possible.

Can we add something to the gift?

E.g. we have branded water bottles and would like to include them in the gift. Absolutely. It’s your gift and your message.

We would like to include cheese, can we do that?

Perishable products are tricky, but let’s talk. It depends on the location and delivery method.